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Parkside have worked really hard in order to provide the best possible care during this extremely difficult time. Parkside Pre-school has been able to stay open all the way through the global pandemic, opening for key worker children. The staff here at Parkside have worked very diligently to ensure children have still been getting the absolute most out of this period by setting up pages for parents to communicate on, providing them with ideas, sending home activity packs for the children to enjoy, virtual tours, zoom calls for stories and a catch up, videos of how Pre-school would be using our famous Parker bear, delivering Easter eggs to put a smile on all their faces and sending the school leavers home with fun goodies in their last moments with us before venturing off to school. These are just a few of the things that the staff did to go above and beyond for the children. 

Settling in during COVID-19

COVID-19 Risk Assessment 

COVID-19 Policy

As we come to end of lockdown we head into a new normal, this can be a strange time for parents and children. We as a setting want to support children and parents in new things that might be happening.


Some children may be starting settings that have missed out on experiences and the chance to socialise with other children. Our settling in process will be led by the parents and child to ensure their wellbeing is at the forefront on this new experience. 

Links are attached that provide some useful information to support parents. 

How to make the new normal feel normal