Hadleigh Parkside Pre-school's


Here at Parkside we believe that children learn best through their play. Education starts with the needs and interests of the child, allowing them to plan their course of study and it relies heavily on experimental learning. Promoting curiosity about the world and being truly in the moment with their environment allows children to notice the small details. This way at looking at things gives children a love of learning and gives the tools to flourish and be their best selves.

Like John Dewey, an educational theorist, stated we believe:

"Education is not about preparing a child for life, education is life itself"


The CHILD is the curriculum!


At Parkside we do use the Early Years Foundation Stage: Development Matters framework. However we focus immensely on the child leading their learning. We serve the individual child. For they are the only curriculum we need!

We see, hear and understand the individual child. They are our driver.