A child's mental health is just as impor


Here at Parkside we value the wellbeing of our children, parents/carers and staff and pride ourselves on building exceptional relationships with children and their families. We embed mindfulness activities in to our daily routine and view wellbeing as a priority. 

As well as room leader Rhiannon is also wellbeing officer and is a youth mental health first aider. 

We have completed different training courses post COVID-19 to help with building resilience and settling children into our setting during and after the pandemic. 

Rhiannon and Mica are also in the process of becoming wellbeing champions which will also aid them to support families in the wider community.

We value our children, their ideas and their play. We believe when children feel valued and respected their self esteem and involvement is higher. The definition of wellbeing is simply to feel well, both in mind and body.

We promote a healthy lifestyle throughout our setting and role model good nutrition and exercise choices throughout. 

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